Today Our Divine Spirit Of Love…

Today our divine Spirit of Love—the most beautiful music of our life—essentially fills in and pours out of our hearts compassionately loving, and exhilarating  creative expressions,  beautifying all of our world.

There is currently an unbroken influx of triumphant love and light in-flowing and out-glowing, making visible a divine splendor of such exquisite essence, illuminating, and informing every aspect of our love filled existence.

This Supreme love leads us to an authentic greatness found through inspired service— seemingly magical love endowed performances—at this very moment—acting through us into the world of all our relations. Here, and now, the most heavenly music issues through our hearts, translating the melodic word of our glorious Spirit of Love into the collective oneness of soul in which we are all part.

Wondrous love-scapes sounding revelations of our true spirit nature, presently transform our consciousness; now our inner-outer heart receives and circulates the divine language, and loving presence of utopian beauty. We are being lead through the spiraling circles of deepening love comprehension, and the most sublime music we’ve ever heard is the universal heavenly love-flow, harmonizing, and crowning our every breath in union with our divine Spirit of Love.