Our Spirit Speaks Love

Our Spirit speaks love into us—feel God’s love embracing the heart, emerging in our mind exalted, enshrined, divined—in the company of our reciprocated affections—with boundless creative beauty all over, and through us.

Our Spirit is our  true Self, undeniably, profoundly, impelling us to share love with all. Our indwelling Spirit warms our thought and feelings with love, spiritualizing the mind and soul into oneness, and the wholeness of supreme-love. We are thoroughly embodied, emboldened, and impregnated by the love of our most beautiful Spirit—co-operatively shaping the entirety of being-hood into the eternity of one-love.

We are gifted of  Spirit, and joyously allow God’s all-encompassing love to attune our soul—demonstrating luminous divine affection, super-inspiring our bestowed, and progressive power of loving expression.

Our Spirit—our unlimited spiritual love fount—brings to bear upon every intention, immensely spiritizing the whole of our existence, and eternal future. The indwelling Spirit is our all, and infinitely more; may our thankfulness never abate—everlasting praise. Our Spirit fulfills beyond measure, divinely pleasing without end.

We can only love more, for our Spirit is our perfect, and pure untainted love source. The Universal Creator’s eternal love song unceasingly reverberates through us, bringing heaven to our inner and outer world, gleaming unassailable peace, and love into our every relation—our Spirit speaks love-light-life into us.