Rising Falling Love

Rising falling love, slipping, sliding thereof—be patient, steady your course, center your mind upon the presence of the beloved Spirit nucleus within you, and there remain through the thick and thin of emptiness, the fullness, lostness, and foundness—releasing unhealthy emotions, and dark moods into the very healing Universal Spirit of love.

Love, divine-love, spirit-love, supreme-love is all into our life—give yourself to its power, call upon it again and again, be assured in your heart that limitless blessings are upon you, shall not fail, and will only succeed us through the fires of isolation, and uncertainty—the very pains of becoming.

Drawing from our Eternal Source and Center, unceasing availing strength; trust, let love assist in the purging of those feelings that require healing; saturate your thoughts with love consciousness; the day still turns, the sun still shines behind the passing clouds, the Infinite Light cannot be extinguished.

Brave your path with all your heart—although you may not know what that means or entails—increase your faith, embrace the light as you can—for even now is the victory—be triumphant in praise and thanksgiving; the all-knowing God is our perfect guide, and way—walk thereon—be joyful of heart, follow your bliss, all that we need now, and forevermore, is intrinsic to our spiritualness, as we rise and fall in the Creator’s love.


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