We Are Blessed

We are blessed of You, our beloved Creator, who gives us so abundantly the experience of profound love, supernal goodness, stupendous beauty, immortal being, and creation itself. We are faith travelers growing into the outstretched realms of love and trust. You are our Creator, and co-creator of realities divine; entrusted by Your gift of supreme choice—sovereignty of will—and with perfecting intent we’re learning the ways of Your most loving spiritual leadership.

We can feel the deepening joy, and happiness of collaborating with You in the stupendous process of becoming like You—with the personality You have given us to be—perfectly leading us up the ultimate spiritual highway You have paved for our ascending journey ever toward Your Divine Center and Source.

We are forever touched by the awesome, amazing grace, all-wise, and merciful ministry You shower upon us without stop—and is truly unstoppable. Although our days may be erratic in the realm of mortal events, we know that You integrate in us a perennial interplay of super activities—a love ministry that affectionately presses upon us, and enters our soul as the highest personal reality that our heart may encounter and commune with; You are the wealth of truth which opens the way, and is the bringer of all that we—in our evolving oneness—may ever need and desire.

From this vantage point we behold—and continually discover—the treasures in ourselves and others, and rejoice in knowing we are not lacking in truth and love, but possess all we could ever need—in You everything necessary will be found in the unfolding creation of our life; therefore, as we bear witness to the magnificent wonders of Your earth—the marve-lous ways in which we can and do live—we are given all that is essential to become spiritually realized in You—and endlessly more are we able to share with the eternal-infinite You, now, and forevermore. We are blessed in Your love, thank You—praise You without end—Amen.