A Silent Loving Presence Embraces Us

A silent loving presence embraces us—blanketing, enveloping, quiescent—making reality more malleable, soft, open, spacious. Now whispering thoughts appear more naked, and reserved feelings dance with heightening vigor. Surrounding vibrations slow to a soothing, heavenly light pace—peace becomes apparent, and palpable, as jubilation arises in the air.

There is a moving stillness pervaded with creative readiness—all is hush as God reveals love, announcing divine closeness. Something miraculous has overtaken the moment, an indescribable calm has descended in place, heaven is here—a serene, tranquil atmosphere resonating gentle tones is making all loud noises mute, powerless, and imperceptible.

The quiet is reverberating with glorious-grace, the spaces between all clanging pains is subdued, the unheard is within range ringing with the sonority of divine harmony—the indwelling spirit presence of the eternal Creator’s voice of love comes to the listening silence.

Wave upon wave of love frequencies rain silently upon the world washing away screaming evils, and crying tears; the roar of negativity has been put to sleep forever—at once the heart is given its true element, composed and harmonized by God’s love. Now all activity is meditation in action—the gifts of the Creator’s love pour forth undisturbed—all sound is purged clean with truth, the well-nigh inaudible still utterances of God are now clear, natural, and always. Presently, the world has been transformed—not by explosions of ignorance—but by the tender modulations of a silent loving presence embracing us through the greatest power of all—divine love.