Let Us Come Alive To The Song-Of-Spirit

Let us come alive to the Song-of-Spirit—Spirit’s Song that only the heart can hear, by feeling it deep in one’s soul. The Goddess of love knows our petitions, and ever reveals the very Spirit of Beauty—the Beloved—who abides with us all the days of life.

The Divine Mother is the very wellspring, creative power, potential, impetus, and eternal fountain from which emerges all true living art—even the art of living. This Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit has kept us to the path of our request through liberating restraints, as her divine patience, and love reign Supreme, always ministering to lead us from the deaf, and dark realm of the song-less into the very choir of the angels—in which even the God of love takes perfect-pleasure.

Very faint are the strains of heavens song as it registers on the distant outskirts of our most interior perceptions as a slight breath that blows ever so lightly upon our soul, as we respond with a random turning to know from whence comes such sacred-air, love filled with music-divine. Will we be found worthy of our yearning dedications to gain audience to such holy melodies?

Know that the Beloved cannot fail our creative love-quest; as imperfect instruments we may be found insufficient to fully bear the gift of song from on high, and create from its endless repertoire, yet we must needs work toward completion of that bridge which will land us into the very heart of Spirit’s Song—to do so is the very basis for which we live. The crowning glory of the Spirit—Spirit’s Song—is the Supreme music ever singing love and truth into the very depths of our inner ear and heart—as we now come alive to the Song-of-Spirit—the eternal anthem of love.