May Our Heart Sing

May our heart sing with the aliveness of love as we listen within and behold inherent joy; allowing our inner soul-music to play us into creation by embracing our body-mind-spirit through hearted expression now extending us as instrument-conveyors of love; inviting the Spirit of Beauty to give birth with power into the domains of the physical, whereby, it may be heard and translated in ascending time, ever carrying our soul upward and inward to its higher receiving of divine affection and benevolence.

The splendor of light and love is now sounding melodious revelations of an heavenly accent, as we cast off the gross elements of internalized obstruction so the heart is freer to sing, and create its wonder with love and grace. Even now unformed urging, prompting, and inspiration is the unsung song seeking audience in our lives, to be given continuing moments of prominence that our love may be fully shared.

We can feel it upon/within us generating, growing, being, and becoming the heralding tones of love-essence, activating, and actualizing bliss. Surely we can welcome the designs of creative love into fruition, and partnership its magnificence into the world.

The music of the spheres resounds the gift of love—the divine presence of our beloved Creator—impressing our inner ear to respond, and act its love endowment that it may be given right of way upon the earth plane, forevermore voicing praise and thanksgiving with our every breath, as our heart most lovingly sing.