Of All Relationship Bonding

Of all relationship bonding, each are replica of a love centered, universal pattern of divine associations, and relations, descended, and down-stepped as ethical beginnings and becomings in the shadowlands of mortal man, bringing to light a spiraling series of disclosures, descending-ascending by experiential evolution, revealing unceasingly the ultimate connect—the Supreme kinship of love-divine—the soul’s perfecting union with God, the highest affiliation, and master-link, in which absolute relationship—Creator-creature—is to adhere in the never-ending.

The essence of all true attachment and love founded relations, unveils the drawing in and up of the Creator’s own. The all-pervading dominion of God’s spiritual power allures every personality through the extraordinary gravitational pull of the greatest love of all.

No heart beat unknown, unfelt, unheard; the Infinite Spirit bears all, knows, hears, sustains all. Every interlocking unit of energy making up the system of our composite self is bonded, and sourced through incomprehensible reaches of time and space, going out from and leading to the immediate presence of the living God of love, from whom countless portions, fragments of his-Self is sent, and now lives in the citadel, and sanctuary of our higher mind; this is the sacred relationship of divine love and affection the soul craves, the likes of which no other can satisfy; of all relationship bonding we are the gifts God eternally bonds and gives to himself.