We Are Each Called

We are each called forth from finite domains, given to live, and travel upon this flying sphere en route to higher dimensions; we’re on the way to that eternal Isle—the Paradise home of the infinite God of love.

Never for one moment—now and beyond—are we left alone, could not be, for God is our intimate companion, dwelling within the secret, sacred, invisible proximity of our soul. God’s love, power, and supreme wisdom ordains our path, guiding perfectly our steps, and though from mortal view our comings and goings upon this world may appear strangely flawed, nonetheless, let us breathe the light that gives vision to the eyes of faith, depth of truth to the heart, and makes God’s presence and grace tangible.

Trust we must; open out and into that divine ground, and holy space of being wherein Infinite Spirit can reveal the beauty of the way amid the mysteries that mountain our journey.

Can we feel the sublime reality, our pulsing lives pervaded with eternal life, the glory of God’s essence, now, and forever manifesting because we are? Can we not extend that revelation beyond this planet as God carries, sustains, loves us through all the worlds to come?

May we each bond in the inseparable bosom of the Universal Creator, wholly embrace his absolute heart of love—which mandates we ascend—ever yielding our mortal lives to the all-encompassing Will-Divine. We are each called to love, that we may partake forevermore in the inexhaustible joy of God’s wondrous being—our life eternal.


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