May We Be Struck With Truth

May we be struck with truth, and ignite into the divine flames of love, burning away all that stands obstructing the spreading fire of glories light.
May we be set aflame and devoured by the spiritual heat of eternal love.

May we be transformed-translated by the consuming blazes of God’s presence, never to be loveless again.
May we be lit like the sun, and forever carry the torch of the Spirit’s will into our every thought and act.

May the divine spark in us scintillate into that spontaneous combustion of God made manifest, setting us aglow with the Creator’s infinite beauty.
May the fiery waves, and rays of luminous unbroken communion implode in our heart, casting us into the perfecting furnace of God’s embrace.

May the scorching temperature of every divinely charged moment intensify, cooked alive until all that remains is who we really are, forever fused with Spirit.
May we boil over with the joys of being by that invisible fire that does not smoke nor choke, that burns away illusion, giving a heatless light to see that God is our truth, love, and absolute reality.