The Beloved

The Beloved is not in a far off paradisiacal heaven awaiting our arrival—be that as it may on a absolute level—but has sent an individualized Spirit to sojourn us while in the flesh. Our Beloved-Creator is so close that we are most intimate by sharing the same mind, looking through the same eyes, indwelling the self-same body temple. Our closeness is incomparable, and at the heart of our inmost being within our deepest personal core the Beloved so loves, and leads the perfecting establishment of our supreme relationship.

In truth the Beloved is our spiritual center-core, even our essential-self; the realist part of us is our Beloved-Spirit. The Beloved—in whom we cherish with our life—freely with the greatest love, nurtures us divinely, bestowing tirelessly the highest most sacred loving affections upon us.

The Beloved engulfs us entirely in the most precious indescribable warmth of Spirit.
We can constantly feel our Beloved-Spirit’s glorious presence, and matchless purity resonating with extraordinary gentleness as a seeming aura emanating from within and about us, translating into an unsurpassed, unexplainable beauty, measureless, and without end. Words only hint at that sheer wonder of being immersed in the supernal, perfect, love-touch of the Beloved.

As much as we will open our heart and soul—attempting to give more of our being to the Beloved—by Spirit’s grace our capacity is deepened, enlarged, and filled to overflowing with the mighty love of the Beloved. The Beloved is the eternal and intimate love of our life everlasting, and without a shadow of a doubt, our purpose is in, about, and for our Beloved-Creator; rising in love our whole soul is now consecrating into the unending wedding of knowing, and doing the Beloved-Divine-Will of Love forevermore.