No One Loves Us More Than God

No one loves us more than God, yet we oftentimes withhold our love endowed heart from loving our Creator. Instead, we frequently place our so called love upon much lower things having no power to love us in return.

All people desire love, but the greatest secret and most profound revelation to mankind is that God is love, the Source, Center, eternal-infinite love Giver. Whosoever is found fully expressing true love that person will surely be overflowing with God. The Creator’s love is always within reach, giving of itself to the degree of receptivity in each and every soul, not for the self to harbor alone, but for the thrilling experience of bestowing love upon one’s fellows.

Let us become like living suns radiating in all directions the warm, healing, health giving rays of God’s love, whose steady waves of love-light shall never flicker, ceaselessly shining upon all, especially those in need. Think not that it is impossible for love to master us and we love, for the Universal Creator has made this possible by mandating us to “Be perfect as I AM perfect.”

As we turn to the indwelling Spirit finding more of God within-without, we shall discover more of love, and becoming more like our Creator we will become more loving. If feeling a lack in love, be encouraged, as we find our God-Self as ourselves we will begin to become true and conscious lovers of God, and all other beings. Feel love, express, explore, experience it, love is always there to give, may we ever learn to share, and live from the Creator’s inexhaustible love, forevermore emanating from our Spirit core.