Your Quiet Love Descends Upon Us

Your quiet love descends upon us, its silent invisible somethingness fills us with indescribable contents of feeling that we are in fact being loved by our beloved Creator, in a way, and ways that we little understand. So sublime, utterly beautiful, with the most gentle grace does our heart feel Your divine affection, so light, so right, Your blessed Spirit touch.

The experience of Your profound over-care inspires our soul, enhancing the meaning, and value of our existence. How powerful yet so delicate and subtle our interactions. So present, intimate, and totally involved, yet Your love provides such perfect room for growth, bestowing upon our will the gift of sovereignty of choice.

You, our divine Original Source, is visible to our faith, our soul eye’s can discern Your loving Spirit, our deepest heart is sensitive to Your spiritual breath, breathing life, light, and love into, and upon us. Your sacred air-wind gives utopian, heavenly condition to the field of vibration in which we have our being, we are pervaded by Your all-knowing, all-here Spirit of Truth.

How could we imagine, even know, or hint at such things if You, our Spirit Core and Center did not in Your own mysterious way reveal such. Yes we have gained many ideas, and revelations from other souls, however, did You not give us love, light, and bring them to life within us?

We may not with surety say we’ve ever heard Your voice, yet we can sense the reception of some unknown form of communication from You, who’s even more unknown All-Embracing-Spirit paradoxically transmits the most meaningful, deepest, purist love, Your love, as Your quiet love descends upon us, our beloved Heart of hearts.