May We Fight The Good Fight Of Loving

May we fight the good fight of loving against all odds to attain a planetary oneness of love, not through violence—inner or outer—but by overcoming our own inner resistance to all things good, true, and beautiful, through harmonizing our will with God’s will; who fights with us that all may benefit and be so inspirited to cultivate a global altruistic spirit in increasing alignment with the eternal aims of the God of love.

With every unloving knock down we are empowered to get up renewed, refreshed, revitalized in the Holy Spirit; always sustained by our love dominated Creator’s divine assistance.
May we ever uplift our heart and mind to the Universal Creator, that we may be anointed with manifold merciful blessings to time and again go into the battlements of the flesh, and the conflicted material world, infused and inspired with love-divine.
May we always remember that in us the indwelling Spirit has given the wherewithal and power to lovingly subdue the challenges of this planet that we may be lifted up in the victory of the Creator’s will, plan, and purpose.

Be not dismayed by the failures of yesterday they are gone, today is what we face and tomorrow is what shall be apprised, the hour upon us requires a decision for today’s triumphant works of love to manifest, therefore, suffer not this moment with indecision but clad yourself in the decisive armor of faith, truth, and love.

Commence before the invisible walls of fear-resistance, conquer them with the spiritual power of love, establish in your mind a victory consciousness, shirk not from accepting wholeheartedly the promise of total liberation, for God is the Supreme Doer in whom failure is unknown.
Forge ahead courageous, and fearlessly give naught to unloving thoughts and actions, now is the time to advance and give God the chance to demonstrate through us undying, unconquerable love for all, as we fight the good fight of loving.


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