Instanding-Outpouring Love

Instanding at the originating root of sacred space within the heart is the central shining, spiritual grandeur, and divine glory of the indwelling Spirit. The Universal Creator, First Source and Center has made descent into us; this transcendent act of unimaginable love creating the ultimate bond of soul-spirit, bears the indestructible attachment of the highest and lowest, that profound, unfathomable link yielding the greatest of possibilities, weighing in the grandest of proportions; infinite-finite, the absolute-relative in the awesome supreme task of co-creation, embodying wisdom and mystery issuing from the very pinnacle of perfection.

So sublime, and incomparable with untouchable purity, of beauty paradisiacal in nature unknown to this world, whose love cannot be exhausted, outpoured in particular and en masse to a host of beings beyond number, whose goodness rules all universes with unwavering infallibility, and eternal consistency, who’s attributes are so magnanimous that forever would not begin to reveal the whole of its unutterable, stupendous divine character.

From all this evermore comes spiritual life into us, giving the gift of the ages, joys of everlasting being, the blissful work of unending discovery of Creator nature, will, and being. Within is founded our Spirit-Self, our truest, realist Self, from which all of us becomes, incomes, outcomes.

We are taking up in the rapture, and rhapsody of Spirit. We are born to the mightiest love, begotten to grow to live the highest truth, groomed by grace to strive with the God of love toward divine destinies of enlightened era’s, and the attainment-fulfillment of divine plans. Forever we are thankful, grateful, blessed of this instanding-outpouring of the indwelling Spirit of perfect love.


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