Truth And Love

Truth responds to truth, as does love to love; both minister to the untruthful, and the unloving. Invisible and often unrecognized this dynamic duo of incomprehensible universe proportions are in operation intimately in our lives according to our reception.

The ways of truth and love are—unnoticed—influencing us in relation to our choosing. To many, truth and love are two strangers with foreign dimensions, and unfamiliar actions. Nonetheless, they are ordained from on high—the very source of life itself—to be our companions, for we are naught without their persuasion.

In truth and because of love we have existence, we are destined to one day face their graces for our very survival. It is of our greatest benefit to welcome these divine ministers into our heart, whereupon, they may work their inexhaustible blessings unencumbered.

Truth and love are not easily turned away by our rejections, or avoidances, for they represent the very essence and foundation of who and why we are. Their gifts are innumerable, immeasurable, and limitless. Although unseen their works are definitive, live-giving, and transformative; truth and love is a necessity for all the world.


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