There Is A Singular Divine Warmth

There is a singular divine warmth of an accompanying Spirit-Presence, a non-invasive light permeating, revealing, unforced, affectionate, loving, gentle, subtle, multi-dimensional, and very present. There is a tremendous heavenly feeling tone and openness about it, seemingly non-local yet highly focalized within, and all about.

What we can in some small way comprehend of it, we may perceive as a nondescript profoundness of beauty, grace, love, a joyful peace, an incomparable care; there is something supremely wise that communicates without words or any other familiar symbols or forms.

It is so very light, and so very deep, there seems to be so much about it while so little can be explained; how it’s connected, where, and to what extent we may be at a lost to say, nevertheless, with unequivocal certainty it is here upon, and within us.

It is definitive truth, absolute realness, infinite love, a superbly abiding all-encompassing divine personage, peculiarly impersonal, however, not in the lest distant or unavailing. There is no assault or coercing dominance upon our free will, only the greatest and most intimate loving Presence without interference of any kind.

Its tangibleness is of another order entirely, of which we can sense with unwavering confidence that we are evolving into, and toward, there is an affinity, resonance, likeness of being that is undeniable, wholly and completely attracting all that we are into it, and without a shadow of a doubt know that this is the truth, beauty, and goodness of the love of our life unfolding within us. We are endowed with a singular warmth of divine-love.


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