Overflowing With Gratitude And Thankfulness

Overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness, praises be to the glorious exultation of the Divine Presence, who bestows great love, and light upon our person within and without. This illuminating love-light of our true Spirit-Self goes out in every direction from the essential-essence of our core being. This celestial radiant light informs our alert consciousness of the supreme beauty individualized, active, and endeavoring our Spirit-Soul-Self toward all that is good, true, and beautiful.

Our Spirit’s play of consciousness acting upon, in and through our heart-mind, now brings before our eyes the reality of self-directed conscious creation, jumping the threshold of mind-matter, the leading edge of our sanctioned thought now guides us into the field of measureless supply, unending plentitude, and inexhaustible blessings. This boundless life permeates our every sensibility, liberating us from the constraints and resistances of false limitations.

Now our creative power is unleashed into every expression; we are presently given the way of true success and prosperity, keyed in love upon the universal platform of our perfecting spiritual-mindal ascendancy, enabling our goals to be achieved and realized to full effect, as such, we’re overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness. And now it be so!