From God Love Flows

From God love flows into our heart, mind, body, and soul, spreading through our entire being its: exhilarating life force, quintessential beauty, enriching power, divine affection, unceasing warmth, transcendent joy, healing presence, irresistible charm, wondrous pleasure, magical feeling, infinite goodness, enchanting peace, inspiring energy, heavenly fragrance, glorious Spirit, superlative grace, unconditional devotion, unspeakable ecstasy, tireless benevolence, supernal truth, pure delight, eternal creativity, powerful motivation, amazing kindness, magnificent splendor, altruistic nature, sublime compassion, enduring vibration, compelling influence, paradisiacal luminosity, pristine sacredness, transformative light, exquisite harmony, enthralling sweetness, immeasurable depths, incomparable loveliness, enrapturing tenderness, unutterable blessedness, cherishing attributes, nurturing characteristics, inherent happiness, captivating preciousness, enamoring gifts, ecstatic delight, uplifting ardor, loving passion, matchless respect, fulfilling touch, feeling beatitudes, giving qualities, empyreal music, inexhaustible potential, perfect relationship, soothing nectar, indescribable treasure, refreshing fragrance, gratifying adoration, inextinguishable spirit-fire, innate gentleness, universal verity, cosmic romance, blossoming intensity, purging caress, unfathomable wealth, lovely image, winning lovableness, reviving care, undiminishable concern, growing bliss, profound stimulus, satisfying taste, limitless strength, unwavering vigor, extraordinary enthusiasm; love is the Creator’s desire for all.

In other words God’s love is the greatest love of all in ourselves, the world, and the universe of universes; love is the supreme spiritual reality. To truly receive and learn to love is to find the way, and approach into the divine heart of the Creator, for God is love, from whom all love flows.