There Are Ministries Of Love Forming

There are ministries of love forming, gathering, trading the arts and crafts of spiritual science. The truth industry is growing, technologies of divine love are-in, spreading inward and upward in the heart of man increasingly, unceasingly.

Sacred positions are opening up all over the place. The Universal Father-Mother-Spirit’s businesses are hot with light and love, everyone is requested to get an ascension career, now. No one excluded, holy gigs for one and all.

High missions and great purposes are off the hook, actualizing representatives at amazing rates, the glory of God is the shoutout, rolling by grace-loads off the tongue of innumerable recognizers bearing witness to their own and other soul’s breaking through with the word of the Spirit.

A higher vision is on, a new era in step with the sanctification of the times. The world has unwittingly played into the heart of God, and now rejoicing is heard throughout the land. Praise, and thanksgiving is the language on the street and high places whereupon all humanity lives; the world has been evened by the presence of the Spirit of Love.

Barriers are falling, as beings upon beings are joining forces of nature and Creator.
Unities of paths are singularizing into the all-encompassing intent of the highest love, transforming into the supernal beauty of the divine image and likeness of the First Source and Center of all there is.

Are you feeling it, don’t you know it’s true, us, we, that is Thee, the God of love within you and me, can you see how it be? Ministries of love forming our reality!