Our Intimate-Loving-Spiritually-Based Encounters

Our intimate-loving-spiritually-based encounters necessitates a centering spaciousness as we affect one another in odd and even ways, for our feelings are magnified by latent emotions and thoughts as they surface in the ebb and flow of our precious relations to each other.

Learning to listen, inner-stand, harmonize with another as ourselves; learning to love while balancing the adjustments required to fine-tune our heart to each other beckons the question:
Can I really hear you and you me?
Do we realize what we are truly saying to each other?
Can we sense how our words may be affecting each other?

Many questions can be brought to bear upon how and what we share, and its gravity upon each person to reflect the greater picture of a socialization of a higher order; from the evolving oneness of humanity, to the very realization of a cosmic universal citizenship.

Our personalities dance—visible-invisible—in who we express ourselves to be at any given moment; our authentic truth is forever enduring. As we find, discover, and love each other no one knows where it will ultimately lead, for we follow something inexplicable, mandated from on high, we are cultivating in truth, the very will of the Original Personality of love.

Perhaps we all too often seek in others what we already have, yet don’t quite believe, or know how to achieve. In other words, our interactions are priceless to explore and reciprocate our heart’s content, and brave its invaluable soundings; only God knows ultimately the right of way to which every heart must grow and go, while revealing the eternal basis for all intimate-loving-spiritually-based relations.