A Divine Fire Of Love

A divine fire of love burns without flicker within the heart and mind; draw close and warm yourself to its spiritual light, share it with others that they may be warmed as they come in from the cold night of spiritual darkness, and with those—who radiate from this divine luminosity—give also that the love bond of humanity may strengthen, and prepare the way for the greater blessings of the Spirit of Love.

O how this love-light of God churns the potentials of the inner person, formulating and eventuating the realities of love through one’s soul, loosening the synthetic blankets of materialism and baptizing the being with the central shining of eternal light and life. This spiritual sun envelops and permeates the whole of the being; its health giving rays inspires the human receptor to advance in faith and power to endeavor the continuing climb toward the Paradise height of heights, the heaven of heavens.

Let not the things of earth weight or burden the heart for there is a much greater place in preparation; cool the intensity of this spiritual heat in the balance of the life giving springs of love, regenerating in its pure waters shall relieve the incessant thirst of the spiritually parched.

The power and love of the indwelling Spirit shines and thunders with wonders within us, revealing a mighty godly reverberation and feeling of confirmation, healing the soul’s yearning and craving for spiritual liberation and oneness. The angels now rejoice around us while God watches, waits, and works to embrace each soul in the everlasting warmth and eternally refreshing waters of Divine Love.