Our Heart Sings

Our heart sings the Creator’s praises filling the Spirit embodied soul with the highest joy; sing on people of the earth, the God of love hears you. Blessed are the pure in heart for their love song is of God.

Make your actions melodious, your thoughts harmonious in God’s presence, and become a pleasing songster to the glory of God; for the Creator is listening to the true music of your soul, the lyrical intentions springing from your heart.

Your prayers are the songs of communion with the Universal Creator, may they be of loving creative spontaneity. In the stilled silent grace of meditative open-heartedness, God responds with songs of truth, mercy, forgiveness, peace, beauty, love; bestowing progressive rites of passage upon the receptive listening soul.

Let your soul-filled song proclaim and exalt the beauty and love of God; create reverential sounds of thankfulness; make known to the indwelling Spirit your depths of feeling; partake triumphant in the choirs of light that enrapture the heavens with augmenting praise ever celebrating the love of the Creator.

Even the harps of the angels are sounded to the glory of God; co-create your life a tapestry of divine music expressing forth the universal rhythms, heavenly melodies, and all pervading harmonies of God’s pulsating love within, now, and forevermore singing through us, as one love, our heart sings.