There Is A Budding

There is a budding soul-spirit growth within us, evolving into a blossoming heavenly fragrance of divine romance; an emerging oneness with breathtaking beauty unfolds transcendent loveliness into a spiritual spectacle of exquisite co-creation.

This inner mystery reveals an unspeakable glimpse into wonderfilled glories of divine love, whose gracefully pure manifestation goes largely unnoticed, while its auric celestial light shines brighter than a thousand suns; whose quintessential charm supremely allures, ultimately attracts worlds and universes of teaming personalities bringing them to their knees in blissfully loving praise and prayer.

The Spirit of Love is poised in eternity with roots forever in Paradise; whose supernal ageless flowering expands into well-nigh limitless realms of infinity; its life giving nectar refreshes, and feeds unending love to countless beings; bestowing omnipresent love petals as living repositories of perfect wisdom, absolute truth, matchless goodness; whose cosmic seeds hold the generations of love to come; the Alpha-Omega, everlasting light and life.

And into your heart this empyreal gift of divine love has been given to live in the sublime soil, and healing waters of your soul-spirit, to be cherished, loved, bloomed, ripened, and harvested into your true nature, forever shared, served, and divinely savored.