O How Long

O how long will the gutters of life flow with the blood of bleeding heart’s, wounded in battle as they fought to love, aching, hurt, troubled heart’s moaning in the streets, and alleyways shattered by lovelessness, pierced by the bitter pangs, and shocking waves of selfishness at war. Be that as it may, the God of love walks among us down the byways and highways of life into the abodes of the suffering heart of man, healing with the tender balm of life-giving love.

The roads overflow with throngs of the brokenhearted, yet the Creator so lovingly, mercifully, tirelessly, ministers, mends, and restores the disheartened, reviving the spirit in their breast with hope, strength, peace, joy, love.

Hearten O disconsolate forlorn souls of humanity the Comforter is in our midst, the earth is fully attendant by angelic, and celestial host of the heavens, dressing the wounded heart’s of humanity with the sovereign remedy, the salve of love.

Around the clock without rest our Maker divinely labors that not one heart will bleed to death. Through and with the divine-spirit-blood-light of the Universal Father’s Creator Son, and Creative Daughter; the living spiritual plasma of the Holy Spirit of Truth, and Love is being transfused into the veins of humankind. The salvation, renewal, transformation of the soul of man is being wrought in the spiritualization and restoring of his diseased heart, disappearing increasingly the epidemic of love sickness.

From the all-powerful, unceasing healing ministry of the Divine Spirit of Love is coming forth the purified in heart, they are eternally blessed for they joyously receive the love of God, know, and love the Creator in return forever. And so it is!