From Heart To Heart

From heart to heart, soul to soul we are spiritually linked, and bonded. Upon invisible lanes of energy and through encircuited minds the Creator enacts the love of the ages; drawing us into his all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-knowing bosom, leading us into all truth, beauty, and goodness. Raising us to everlasting peace, unending joy, and limitless wonder.

What manner of love is this that so thoroughly divinely enchants, permeates, pervades our inner, inmost sensibilities giving us that unutterable excitement of the most intimate bliss of our lives shared in/with the Original Personality.

Who can contain or explain such incomprehensible purity, and perfection of Presence as the First Great Source and Center infinitely pouring out living substance upon all, baptizing us forever in the holy waters of eternal loving attention.

Who can fathom the depth of God’s measureless affection, and tireless spiritual labors in our behalf, uplifting us to the heights of infinite glory, to share in the unlimited storehouse of the Universal Creator’s boundless bounty, to more perfectly partake of the divine nature, forever becoming in likeness in every part, and aspect of our being.

Let us rejoice—from heart to heart—praise now and forevermore our absolute, supreme privilege, blessing, and fortune of being born to such a Love, such a One, such a Spirit, such a Maker, such a Creator.