True And Lasting Expansion Is Love Based

True and lasting expansion is love based; as the heart reveals. This is the essential crucible determining how meaningful and invaluable our lives truly are. The Cause of causes love dominated nature is never inactive, and through love, creatively gives eternally; there is no power that can stop or exhaust the flow of the Creator’s love.

Love may be invited, hosted, freely given; it is so integral to our being that to totally reject it is to divorce oneself from reality, a self-annihilation of sorts. Love will heal those places in us that are fearsome, or unfamiliar to love—if we allow—we can gently attune, and sensitize our heart to its magical presence, if we find that difficult or challenging we can trust love to show us the way to learn to relax into it, and be cherished by its inexhaustible affection.

We are all chosen by love’s promise eternally kept. We can choose to beckon to love’s call and follow her path to the heights of unspeakable treasures and be washed forever from the illusionary effects pained by lovelessness. We’re each invited to participate in the glorious celebration of love’s infinite gifts, love only ask that we feel the joy of giving love freely away, thereby bestowing lovingly untold beauties in all our relations; for all true and lasting expansion is love based, as love reveals.


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