Our Heart

Our heart pounds with life because the vibrant love of God lives within it, reverberating throughout our body the life-giving fluidic currents of the living plasma of love.
Our heart beats untiringly because the unseen cells of God’s love is its very essence joyously exuding throughout its chambers, with each rhythmic thrust the heart echoes the divine expressions, and affections of its Supreme Lover.

Love is carried and given to all the components of the being from the central shining of the Heart of hearts’, thus the light-life of love keeps alive the various organs, functions, and endowments of selfhood. Whosoever may, can feel the pulsating warmth of a loving heart by a gentle touch of one’s own loving heart, for love knows love, and can be known only by love.

A loving heart regulates, maintains with unquestioning loyalty, and complete devotion the being it is charged to uphold, with unspeakable grace, and infinite power the heart of love nourishes all the integral parts of the total self, what is more, it never stops there, but overflows its loving streams, and abundantly propels radiant ways of love-fulness far out and about itself connecting with every loving heart, even the unloving, for such is the nature of love-divine.

Love is the beauty of the heart, its truth, and goodness, without it all hearts’ soon die, for love makes the heart eternal like the God of love whose loving Heart all hearts’ center in, from whence they derive their being, and in whom they have their existence.
May every heart be full of love by loving, love on like God loves us, and we shall never be in want of love, for our beautiful heart will ever be growing in love, and always loving.


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