The Garden Of The Heart

The garden of the heart, fertile with the soil of the Spirit, blossoms with a infinitely luminous spectrum of love, and joy. Its kaleidoscope of celestial hues, tints, and shades emanate the divine fragrance of God’s paradisiacal beauty.

The florescent heart fed with the pristine waters of the Creator’s life, and the nurturing rays of the living light of love, grows profusely with the ever ripening fruits of heavenly goodness, and cosmic bliss. Even the angelic birds of the Holy Mother are filled with sacred pleasure to alight within the flowering heart, there to take great delight in feasting upon the abundant seeds of sprouting love. This floral haven of peace resounds with the melodious silence of transcendent pleasure, for God has implanted his loving Spirit in the flower bed of the heart that love will flourish for all seasons.

A heavenly garden of love has been given to every heart that love may thrive arrayed in all its radiant glory, that its cultivation may serve endless bouquets of love to all. Love sown is love grown, and reaped in every shared harvest, may the floriculture of every heart ever abound with the exuberant colors of the Universal Father’s enriching love that the heart’s of humanity may become one vast garden of God, plentiful, replete, inexhaustible in exquisite, and blooming splendor.

The divine seeds of love is overspreading the earth, carried by the gentle winds of the Holy Spirit, blowing about seeking those willing gardeners of the heart, and tillers of the soul, that love may become prolific in the world. May the hard crust of infertile hearts be transformed by the nutrient rich soil of the indwelling Spirit that divine love may unceasingly grow in the garden of the heart, and proliferate throughout the earth…And so it Is!


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