From The Repository Of God’s Love

From the repository of God’s love; that divine endowment ever restless in our heart’s, may we give love longing vent that we may be propelled ever Godward. The force and power of divine love will shoot us beyond the stars, and fuel of us eternally for that endless voyage into the heart of our beloved Creator.

Ever so tenderly yet firmly love reaches deep within spreading throughout; may love’s mighty affectionate touch find that vehicle of courage in us to make bold its selfless delight, exhilarating warmth, and inspiring beauty. O love, may we be found worthy devotee’s of you, may our heart’s truly learn to beat to the rhythm of your supernal-eternal Giver.

Alas, how long it seems we suffer through anguish, pain, and longing, yet for a moment of shared love all is washed away in love’s sweeping glance. O love, your moments we will strive to extend and stay that your loving gaze may become our loving caress.

May our gift of love speed us to Spiritdom, to that inner-space where souls altruistically serve and freely give from loving heart’s, where love is naked in all her splendor, where differences melt into that varied harmony of her symphonic beauty, and gives us joy for all the world.

O blessed love, sacred love, divine love, now permeate our humanity, that we may kiss your loving lips, hold your lovely hand, and as we lay upon your love perfect breast, we will dream of the God of love, and be awakened into her eternal arms.


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