There Is A Gathering Of Souls

There is a gathering of souls, each indwelt with the highest purest Spirit—bestowed portions of the Universal God. It is the Creator’s love that gathers us in, for we live in God’s immediate presence. We are engulfed in an all-embracing ocean of love, our soul’s breathe it, cannot be without it. We are awestruck, and humbled by love’s infinite making in us, for love knows no end nor limits, even endlessly making each of us anew.

The greater the need the farther the reach of divine love into the human heart. No one can secret away from the heart of God, no one escapes this all-inclusive love. The Eternal God’s love is the spiritual gravity, cohabiting, integral, essential to all true relations. Divine love transforms as it is given, embraces as it flows, expands as we allow it to go freely about, we are born to it, forever becoming true lovers through the omnipresent spirit of love.

We are inheritors of love even before we were created, before time, and ages unknown, beyond everlasting—love was, love is, for God is love infinitum, an eternality could not reach its depths. Now we are ever raised to love’s heights, as love mercifully gives to our lowest, for even the unloved and unlovable God so loves.


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