A Greater Giving

A greater giving creates a more replete fulfillment, intimate areas of feeling emerge into wholeness not based on fleeting emotions or fickle exchanges but a welling up and raining down of the Spirit of love, a filling in and out which cannot be contained for it burst forth shining warmly a radiating auric light, a splendor of being that reveals love, self-Spirit generated and replenished by circulation not dependent on reciprocation yet inspires it, releasing into personal experience the reality of being wholly received and deeply accepted, widens-broadens incoming possibilities, without feeling exhaustion of the heart provides a more spacious wonder-flowing vehicle for continuous, growing completeness.

The higher the feeling, deeper the gratification, lesser the need for the satisfactions of the lower, the needs of true affection of the soul is qualitatively more and quantitatively less, for this Spirit of love must be experienced-shared, inwardly-outwardly.

Who dares to move from states of repetitive longing to an enduring, sustaining—more than enough for everyone—state of overjoyed living and giving not conceived in whims but is the very nature of one’s heart whose soul is made of love divine.

When there seems no one or place to give substance to the shallow spaces of self-containment may we invite the Presence of love who ever fills every void, renewing life and making the soul glad with endless days of creative happiness, all for the greater giving in the love of Spirit living.


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