You Are The Inner Presence Of Love

You are the inner presence of love, we live and have our being in the glory of Your love divine, our supreme joy. Your love so radiant with transcendent light that we glow about in bliss abundant. Such is the glory and grace of Your eternal nature, which inspires our heart to oneness with Your infinite beauty.

Your love limitless, unending, inexhaustible, prospers the entirety of the self, whereby all thought and action is rich with creative power, for You are our reality and truth, the premise and guarantee of all manifestation.

As we now embrace Your love absolute, we love, ever becoming more loving. This is the energy essence fueling our feelings, and spiritualizing our imagination, giving order and form to our heart’s desire. The sanctum of Your omni-present love is personalized in us, outpouring in all our relations, flowing forth blessings within and without our world.

This dynamic life force bestowed upon all creation is our Creator’s affection, which is now activating our every loving intention. True success and eternal fulfillment is now ours on every level, such is Your love everlasting. We give thanks and praise, and so it is!


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