All That Prevails In The Heart

All that prevails in the heart although silent and perhaps indistinguishable to the conscious mind, still lives in the resonance of its own vibrancy who’s source is love supreme.
Come forth O heart of love for what can be done without you, proclaim your truth, for you are the mouthpiece, the pulsation of the beloved Creator, the translator, the very action of the divine.

Spirit-soul-light-being-wave, emerging from a limited particle state, quantum leaps through the heart, who now beholds an eruption in consciousness of the outpouring of heartfelt potentials, the fertile flooding of unremitting love.

Fear can no longer contain it, not even long entrenched habits can further obstruct, for love lives above, beyond all of these, and has been patient enough, nurturing invisibly without interference, now breaks all holds lovingly, and nothing can stop our ever activating eternal endowment of pure-love.

Our body temple is shaking-quaking, all misconstruction halted, a new and greater design comes to fore, all that was old and outworn passes away, a new life is born, a fresh vital revelation for the times is pronounced, the heralding of truth for this age appears in all its glory who’s loving ministry spreads onward through us unencumbered.

The miracle of divine-love presently born anew again and again never dying, scarcely could it be imagined that such beauty, love, and power of goodness may perchance indwell, cohabit, co-create through such as you and I.