If Love Is Sought

If love is sought to come solely from the heart of another in order to satisfy oneself
disappointment is sure to follow, this causes some to believe that getting love entirely from others will wholly remedy their loneliness and unhappiness, yet unbeknownst to many; we can reach into our very own heart and inner-spirit, and begin to receive, give, experience the utterly gratifying wonder, goodness, and beauty of love-divine.

In finding love within ourselves we will find even greater fulfillment in the sharing of it with others, for many find themselves deficient, not knowing in truth from whence true love comes, not realizing that our love dominated Universal Creator is its abundant source who places this gift in the heart of each and every person.

Slowly humanity is awakening to this unbounded treasure; love bestowed by God who is love, gradually mankind is discovering that love is the key, power, and way the human family must proceed in order to obtain world peace, lasting happiness, and complete healing.

To live to give and spread love is the charge of the Divine Lover who’s loving indwelling Spirit is given to each soul that they may become wholesome, if one would be slow to take and with Godspeed give, the secrets of love and its infinite fruit would be abundantly forthcoming, and heaven would certainly overtake the earth.

The time will surely come when love shall burst upon the world fully arrayed in the
Creator’s glory and splendor, and in that day every person will joyously give and live by the golden rule of God’s love; the supremely ordained way of right livelihood.


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