Love Rules

Love rules, whosoever doesn’t know this has not fully experienced its infinite power. Love sustains the world, it is the cohesiveness, and essence of every true relationship, the eternal bonding of every personality, of all meaningful interactions.

Deliberately be without love and your heart slowly recedes from the realities of life, for to be loving moves you closer to the everlasting joys and fulfillments of existence, now, and forevermore.

The soul thrives on love, not for its own sake for true love cannot be hoarded it must be freely given away, and while many of us naturally seek love from others, the source—often unbeknownst to us—is actually within our own heart emanating from the indwelling Spirit, the abiding presence of divine-love.

God is love, the divine origin of love that pervades all, who loves us as we are, and all equally, unconditionally. God’s love finds greater receptivity within us as our capacity
to bestow love grows, for divine-love never waivers nor withholds in any form of selfishness, such is nonexistent in the nature of the Universal Creator.

Love-Divine is an ever present, inexhaustible treasure in each of us, often not felt or perceived, yet the Creator’s love is always freely available, and transformative in every sense, the key to the purpose of being on earth, and beyond. To truly love we become more of who we really are; may we always remember, and learn, to fear not, for true love conquers all, loving God means loving others, as well as oneself, this is the Divine Will of the Universal Heart of heart’s.


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