Love Is…

Love is a many splendored thing, who can fathom the depths, brave its length and width, for it is of God, infinite, eternal, and all-embracing.
Often love surpasses reasoning yet is altogether reasonable, for true love functions ever lovingly with the highest of wisdom and intelligence.

Divine love animates humanity with altruistic vision, and inspires actions for a better world for each mortal inhabitant, we must open the channels in our heart, mind, and through our body for love’s pristine qualities to flow, and grow unencumbered by selfishness and fear.

The beauty and goodness of love shines ever so brightly and inexhaustibly from its First Source and Center the Universal Creator; yet we often interfere and cloud its pure light and wondrous clarity in trying to possess and make it our own, by hoarding it for ourselves, causing love to be stifled and stagnated.

Love’s great living is in its perceptive, compassionate giving, wherein it thrives as the limitless blessing that it is.
Love’s abundance has no end, just multiplies, doing good as it goes along, making every life more than what it was, improving every soul with its touch.
Love has descended from on high as the golden rule from the very heart of God, as the essence of every relationship, ministering universal ethics, morals, and responsibilities of cosmic citizenry.
Love is here to stay and the loveless must be on their way, if they will not submit to love’s loving stay; now this day, may we each choose to radiate and share, without fear, with great care, divine love’s infinite and eternal ray.


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