The Life Of Love

The life of love is sent from above, it descends upon us like a peaceful dove.
We don’t live by bread alone, there is a Spirit substance to digest for soul to be grown.
Ask and it is given, if we are ready for the living.
Seek and we shall find, if we got the time.

Joy to the world, as we be of good cheer, may we love our fellow man minus any fear.
Beauty that we are, each one a star, we can go beyond what is deemed being on par.
Race for the good, like we know we could, the victory is ours like we know it should.
We have only just begun to ascend to the One, life may be hard but it still can be fun.

Step-by-step there surely is a groove, everything we do is toward a higher move.
Let’s keep our spiritual vision steady in mind, we can work it out in just a matter of time.
May we not lose the pace, or be of haste, ever make ready to meet Love’s glorious face.
Divine the soul with faith to unfold, the Creator is central control, the life of love makes us whole, as we ascend to our eternal goal.


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