Love Is Circling

Love is circling and we’re in its pathway—spiraling out from divine sources, bathing an infinity of beings living and being born—each of us are central points for its transmission.
Freely, spaciously, love waves arrive at the entrance of our heart, ever ready, never absent, always seeking the opportunity to gracefully stream through us, and leave unspeakable blessings en route to others.

We are happy that love forever breezes through our being—and to the extent that we open the windows, and door of our soul, mind, body to allow its sacred air to circulate, to that degree are we transformed by its purifying, life-giving powers.

Love’s indescribable unseen presence—expressed in a multitude of never ending ways— touches, feeds, and fuels our reality with beauty, splendor, inspiration, joy—all the great and good life has to offer.

We don’t have to wait for love, none of us are left out of its embrace, nor can love be contained for long, for it thrives by flow, we are conduits, personalized vehicles for its creative currents, spiritually designed to intimately integrate its streaming glory in, and through us most abundantly, now, and forevermore. Love grows as it flows within and through us. As love is circling you and me, let love free, that we may be, all we can be!


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