The Spirit Of Love

The Spirit of Love circulates the entirety of our being, bringing fresh life to all that we are. We now sense and feel the divine Substance of abundant life energizing our body, animating mind, inspiring our soul.

There is a life-giving Light whose eternal rays conveys the Supreme Affection, and fulfills us. We now recognize and allow this divine Light of Love the right of way into the totality of our gifted existence.

Our residing Spirit of Love is central to our every relation, the ground from which our every circumstance is substantiated. We now receive joyfully the splendor and infinite blessings of the divine music of Love which permeates every aspect of our life.

Now we are wisely and lovingly led into the most amazing acts of faith, whereupon the harmonics of Love impulsing and sounding through our soul also finds the thrill of welcome into the heart of all we may have the fortune of sharing audience.

All our creative acts are now prospered, for the glorious Spirit of Love now achieves in us instruments of its loving will. And so we are!