Love Entrusts

Love entrusts to be given value beyond claim or possession, stirring open lives to face the heart of being. Love supersedes captivity, all exist within its unlimited boundaries.         Love is weighed only by minds of divine origin who spring from the  Source of the  living scales of perfection, the guardians, servers, teachers of love.

Love does not invade but pervades, neither suppresses but envelops, doesn’t force but permeates.
Although courteous and present within all acts of rebellion, love achieves the greatest ministry towards those who are most in need.

The power of love cannot be compromised nor extinguished; perhaps lessened in fullness by the operations of choice, nonetheless, never voided for that would mean the end of life as we know it.

Love’s infinite creative facets are not numbered by calculations, for it effects measureless transformations, and its revealed demonstrations fuels the foundation of the universe of universes of personality activity.
Love magnifies all that it touches, and it touches all.

The truth of the soul are Love’s enhancement bearing its spirit forever. We are fed by Love, yet cannot consume nor hoard it. Love’s lovingness must be lived through bestowal. Love’s embrace never suffocates only liberates, kindling every heart with the fire of joy from which all things become possible. We become known by Love, it makes us knowable thereby making us lovable. Love entrusts, only asking that we share it.