The Light Of Love

The light of Love is an everywhere shining, eternally combining, infinitely aligning, forever refining, all sentient beings on their ascendant climbing, according to divine timing our soul’s are recipients of a Spirit mining, now binding I am to I Am.

Our internal lining is a perfecting finding, as Love Supreme in our heart is presently expressive of its immortalizing signing. We by choice are minding this glorious divining. Our earthly winding is currently led by Love’s designing.

True love never confining always rhyming, and harmonizing the variance of our deep deep pining to love and be loved. As we are inclining toward Love’s fulfillment its universal beauty can be so wondrously binding.

Our essence love, for us will continually be defining. Omni-present Love will always be reminding, we are one, that it is the sunshine of our live’s, always rising never declining.