Love Leads

Love leads without our knowing revealing our steps through heart-land to even brighter loving moments.
Love gains momentum gathering myriad fruits of Spirit to bring each soul to abundant harvest of joys untold.
Come to life we are at love’s behest.

We are spun in love’s splendor, mysteries of her unfathomable presence abound, her beauty unutterable.
We are given to be love’s compliment.
By design we were made for her if we so choose.

Only through conduits Divine love streams into the tributaries of you and I casting unspeakable glories upon our soul’s.
We are just beginning to discern the grandeur of love’s affection, and all-embracing nature.

Eternal attraction, divinely cherishing without limitations our essence.
True to form through the formless forming her unswerving declaration to all beings,  loving without measure only giving of her infinite treasures.
And we still know her not, we are only just beginning to feel the loving of love, but she is here, there, everywhere, always in all-ways giving birth to our heart.

We are born to her forever, we are love’s children, growing, becoming, as love, in love, only loving.
This is our true selves proclaim, though our words, and actions are as babes, gracedom is love’s aura permeating, beholding, and ministering to our every move.
We are made in love’s image, this is our life, truth, beauty, way, answer, source, goal, our very being.