Love Is Calling…

Love is calling you to receive it and give it,
Love is knocking at your door now that you may open and discover what it is,
Love is seeking you through and through that you may become a part of its loving service,
Love will not do without you, it loves you, you are one of its invaluable channels,
Love will not leave you alone it treasures you as a part of its life,
Love yearns for you, for you are its sacred companion,
Love will not abandon you, you are its precious trust,
Love will not be avoided, nor will it stand being pushed aside, you are its child,
Love cannot be discouraged or deterred from loving you, such is the nature of love for you,
Love is with you whether you love it or not, there is no place where it does not function for God is love,
Love is reaching for you and it will not give up, love will seek all true means to please you and win your trust,
Love will teach you the ways of loving and make you a fruitful lover of love-divine,
Love is the nature of your real self, the way of eternal happiness, the key to all you seek.