Our Live’s Are Increased By Love

Our live’s are increased by love. Founded in her Source we have an inkling of love (Divine Love) and the deepest need, yet we are beginners in her ways. All the same, love is here for us, giving to each heart selflessly, only limited by the capacity, willingness, and intent of each person to open the portals of their being too bestow love on every other.

Love reveals herself to us in gentle mysterious ways; as companions of love, love discloses vital secrets to us to be known by sharing and loving each other; only we are often found wanting, so love has been working overtime, so to speak, to purify and awaken our heart.

We are learning to love in a myriad of small ways however, and may delight in what will become of us as we learn to love, as love loves through us.

Love has made our life quite beautiful inside and out, slowly convincing, and changing us in the deepest sense as we spread love that others may experience the touch of love, even that our world may become filled and transformed by love.

May we continually open and give ourselves to be devotees of love, now forming the nucleus of all our actions, the prime center that energizes us wholly in the giving of our total being to the Spirit of Love, and the love of others.