A Love For All Time, May We Activate Love’s Victory

Our entire being is beaming with the irresistable Presence of Divine Love. We are supercharged with a dynamic atmosphere of core energetics gleaming forth from the Love of the Creator shining through us activating and inspiring all parts of us into forms and experiences of enlightened sharing infusing the world with heart-wealth, plentitudes of soul, and the riches of infinite creativity.

We are wholly touched and translated by Love’s design, making us into It’s glorified expression. We are re-imaged, re-worked, and re-set by Love’s in-reach streaming forth from our every thought, feeling, and action. Every dimension of ourselves are now unified and shaped by the overmastering of our Love essence, creating in and about us heaven made tangible.

Love now quickens all our relations with a heart-mastery productive of the most inspiring and uplifting beauties untold yet now unfold to invigorate us with the joy of our every breath and expression. And So It Is! Now We Let It Be!