On Purpose With Divine Love

Being on purpose with the truths of life, its physical facts, wisdom meanings, and spiritual values is made complete, replete, and profoundly deep by an essential basis, and fundamental principal: purposefully sharing the Spirit of Love, to be wholeheartedly in-tune with the First Cause, the Eternal Heart, and the Infinite Source of love; the everlasting plans and perfect purposes of the Divine Mind, Absolute Personality, and First Person of Deity are altogether integrated with the cosmic ethics, and universal moral fabric of pure love—sincerely doing good to others—which is inescapable, and forever necessary throughout the tapestry of authentic relationships in guiding the truest of personal and collective motivations.

When the personality, and mind, of deliberate higher living is centered, aimed, and intended from the Creator’s viewpoint, inclusive of the will creature’s endpoint, harmonized on spiritual grounds, combined with motives actuated and objectified by love, whose supreme ambition is Godlikeness, and ultimate goal is perfection of spirit, attainment of the Eternal Isle and recognition of the Original Personality of love, then one must be rooted in the firmness of purpose, functioning in purposive oneness with divine love, for this is the heavenly ethos, state of affairs, numinous atmosphere, and spiritual attitude of the personalities, citizens, and all enlightened relations of the universe-of-universes.

The Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, Supreme Being, Seraphim, and the indwelling God-Fragment, are all working in perfecting unity on purpose, with divine love at the helm and heart of all spirit ministries to influence, translate, and lead our purposed choices, aspirations, and decisions ever Godward toward eternal light and life; the purpose driven movements of the Spirit of Love is in spiritualizing synthesis with our Divine Spirit Indweller, who ever works by love, and proposes—the purpose of purposes—eternal fusion, and perfection of purpose in-of-with God-as-love.


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